producent maszyn kamieniarskich i CNC

MONSTAL offers saws with “NC” in their name (One-support NC crosscut saws).

Specification of one-support NC crosscut saws.
You can download the below specification here.

In order not to mislead you, we do not mark these machines as CNC, as they do not change the working tool automatically (saw, mill). According to a definition, a CNC machine should change the working tool fully automatically. In case of our machines, adding such a functionality is inefficient and practically needles.
On the market of stonework machines there function machines marked as CNC, although they do not belong to this group.

MONSTAL has knowledge and possibility of building different types of CNC machines for different industries. If you are interested, please contact us. We fulfil non-standard and individual orders.

(CNC Machine – the view of touch-screen)
Maszyna cnc - widok monitora dotykowego

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