producent maszyn kamieniarskich i CNC

The machine consists of two supports joined with a beam on top of them. The operating elements are two supports that move up and down.
On the supports there are wheels mounted in housings.
The trolley loaded with the stone makes only adjusting movements.
The wire is fitted with a tension control system. If the wire tension is too high, the inverter will reduce the up-and-down stroke speed until the proper wire tension has been reached.

Type of wire saw

PL 200

Aluminium wheel diameter

Ø 1800 + small wheels

Motor power

11 kW

Total power

15 kW

Main motor inverter


Up-and-down motor inverter


Wire tension system


Maximum stone dimensions

L = 4000 mm
H = 1700 mm
W = 2500 mm

Water pressure sensor


You can download the below specification here.

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